Best OTC Sleeping Pill?

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I'm not one for pills, but working a rotating shift I sometimes have trouble sleeping the first few nights when rotating back to day shift (sleep like a fat baby during the day, go figure). I've tried a couple different ones and they've been ok at putting me to sleep, but not great at keeping me asleep. Usually wake up 2-3am wide awake.
I've been working rotating shifts for almost 30 years. I have used Melatonin for at least 25 years or so, with no issues. I started with 1 mg way back when, but now I use 3mg most of the time.

Just recently, I discovered Restful Sleep gummies, by Olly. They contain Melatonin, and a couple other natural sleep aids. I use these more on a once a week or so occasion, when my shift flips from nights back to days. They tend to put me to sleep better, and keep me asleep until it's time to wake up.

I've had good luck with both of them, and they are pretty natural. I'd say the Olly gummy works better at keeping you asleep, than the Melatonin alone, on a bad night. Even Benadryl, works well, for an every now and then thing, not as natural, but it seems pretty safe, for most people.


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Just take a dose of benadryl/ store brand generic equivalent. It's non addictive and non habit forming. Zquil is the same drug in half the dose.


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Generic NyQuil PM, just throw that little dosing cup away and take you a good shot, sleep like a baby.


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I worked all shifts for years. First arrange your sleeping place so you are not disturbed. Turn the phone off. Make sure the shades are drawn. Make it clear to those you need to set straight that that's your sleep time. And you are not available. I called some at 3 in the morning to just talk while they were sleeping to make up for them calling me during my sleep time.

What ever pill you decide on give it a try for a week then change to your next choice. One time is not enough.

Reduce as much as possible light and noise.


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milk and crackers puts me in la la land


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There is a nyquil and genaric version at Walmart as a sleeping aid. I like it and when I get up I am not groggy. The genaric has been working for me.
I’ve had good results from Advil PM.
Busy, stressful job so I have occasional trouble sleeping well especially if exhausted. Go figure.
Anyway if know ahead I will struggle, pop one these and wake up fresher.
A little groggy but nothing a stiff cup of coffee won’t cure . Usually only need it once a week. Work four 10-11 hr days so if I can see Friday in the headlights, I’m good to go.
Good luck , rest is so important for good health.
Have you tried melatonin?
I tried that for a few weeks and it messed me up. I could barely keep my eyes open at 5pm on my drive home. That stuff screwed my pattern up.