Best place to shoot a hog with a bow?

hound dog

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What every you shoot for deer but put it behind the shoulder. You don't want to shoot it in the shoulder they have tough bones.
If broadside, straight over the top of the leg. If you are 3-4" behind the fore leg, you are gonna be flirting with disaster.
I shoot 100gr 2" Shwacker. Killed 170lb sow at 20yds earlier this season. I chose a neck shot. It was really thick where I was hunting and getting close to sunset. I didn't want to risk having to track a stuck pig in the dark with a stick and string. Knocked her off her feet.
Wait for quartering away and shoot right behind the leg and low. He won't make it 50 steps.

Shoot whatever broadhead you normally use, but if you want to try something real good,.......get some RazorTricks.