Best treatment for yellow jacket stings?


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Take some panty hose and cut a piece about six inches long . Tie a knot in one end and fill with meat tenderizer. Tie off the other end and dampen the poltice and hold it on the bite and it will pull the venom out. Then take some Benadryl .


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A drop of basil oil, as in essential oils.
you ain't kidding about the itching ...keeps on for a couple or three days after one hits you and about the time the pain settles after you get stung it starts again like you're getting stung over and over. Them some bad little dudes. Ran a bush hog over a nest and I had to jump off the tractor with it still running. Amazing how fast you can move when you have to ..some spray with lidocaine seems to help but not much ...just gotta walk it off
Cope is always handy but I think a paste of baking soda works 3x better. I gotta remember to get stung near the AO for that to be an option.

They can and will sting you a dozen times before you can rip a shirt off.
If you have broad-leaved plantain growing around you (which is almost everywhere,) chew a couple leaves and stick them on it. Works better than anything else I've tried. Tobacco is second, store bought stuff third.


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Some good remedies to remember. I hate yellow jackets! I almost cut my thumb off because of them...had a knife in my had whittling on a walking stick, disturbed a nest of them and when they started stinging me I didn't know what it was and just swatted at my arm in reflex and raked the base of my thumb across the knife blade. Hate those little buggers


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Tobacco, and most of my beekeeping friends keep a bottle of ammonia handy.