Best treatment for yellow jacket stings?


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Make a paste with meat tenderizer as mentioned. Works great for me!
This is what we always used as well. UNSEASONED meat tenderizer.


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Well I’m trying baking soda paste with a Benadryl chaser right now. Of all places today at White Water with the kiddos one slammed me in the knee cap!!

My knee felt like someone slapped me with a broom handle.

I’m baccer free, so not an option for me.

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The lady that lives near me got tore up a few days ago by several yellow jackets in her flower garden. She disturbed them with her leaf blower while out working in her yard. They had a hole in the ground, and the mouth of it was covered with them jokers. While we were standing a safe distance from them, she was telling me what had happened. We were standing there talking, and I looked back over towards the yellow jackets, and that doofus in my avatar was walking right over there to them. Luckily they had settled down a little by then, and I was able to go get her. I took care of the jackets right before dark. And yes, them jokers will put a hurting on you!


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Thanks, I hadn't noticed it in any stores I go in