Best waders for the money?

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Just wondering what you guys thought the best waders are for the money? I am pretty rough on my gear. I have yet to have a pair of waders that didnt leak after a year.


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man I have had waders that cost $300 a pair ,but 2 yrs ago I bought a pair from academy that was 5 mil thick and have been the best pair of waders I have owned,and they were only $119.00.I have given them plenty of abuce too from walking through some really tough stuff in arkansas, to breaking ice around here and no leaks yet


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no my friend has them and loves them they are 3 mil thick but are extra roomy in the chest for bulkier coats.I want to get a pair of them too, for early season, but their is plenty of room to bulk up when it gets colder


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Love my Cabelas Ultimate Hunting Chest Waders (5mm neoprene, stout) They are tougher than snot; I abuse the heck out of my equipment and they haven't leaked yet.

I have heard great things about the newest Mack's waders too. They have made advances in strengthening seams, which is important for healthy fellers like me who stress them.
all I've ever had was Lacrosse but after 5 yrs they started leaking, so I'm probably going with Game winners or, Macks breathables.


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In my experience with mine and the guys I hunt with, all waders leak after 3 years if you really hunt out of them. But, I had Guide Gear from Sportman's Guide that wre $100 and lasted 3 seasons with no leaks, and finally succumbed on the 4th year. My buddy's $300 LaCrosse waders went out the first year. My other buddy has been using Columbia (also cheap at SG) for 2 years with no problem yet. So, you could buy an expensive pair that lasts for 4 years for $300, or chance it with a cheap pair, and you'd still save money going with the cheap stuff, even if you had to buy a new pair every year, which you won't.
I use the Cabelas Herters 3mm that cost an about $130. I've had been them 2 seasons now and they still work great. Not too hot but warm enough for when the temps drop.
Check out Catch Them Easys's list of some of the best duck hunting waders to go for.
Most folk here are about as Hardcore. duck hunters as you can get. We may have a new guy or two but not many. Take me , I have duck hunted steady for over half a century. Although they may not be as old as I am you have some folks here that are tuff duck men. With all due respect to you these men know about waders ,calls , shotguns, boats, dogs and just about any kind of duck hunting from Georgia stick pond to hunting big rivers, lakes and even the ocean. Thanks for the information.
Cabelas 5 mil. I have a pair that I've had and abused for many years without a drop of water ever coming in them.
To all the people that have waders for 3 plus seasons, how do you do it. Every pair I have starts leaking in the seams, I rip a hole in them hiking into a hole or wading around. I have ripped boots off, what's the secret? Last three years I have been wearing only breathables since we do a lot of walking and long wades to get to holes. Last season I had a pair of cabelas breathables that were the pair they advertised as the toughest. They did last the season but had to cover a mojority of the seams with shoe goo. Traded the in at the end of the season for a new pair.