Best way to make your decoy move

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I have a B-Mobile tom decoy and would like to be able to make it spin around or even walk on a rail or something with a string. Or even make the fan pop up or down. Any tips or advice? Thanks guys.

J Gilbert

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There's a guy from Alabama that makes a stake that is movable via remote, it turns but doesnt walk. I saw it at the Perry Turkeyrama last year, believe it was something like $80, it looked like a cool concept but I wasn't paying that for it

J Gilbert

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I understand, if it had been half the price one of the guys I hunt with would've bought it. The only thing I've heard regarding this has been that turkeys don't like decoys on RC trucks (I've read this both here and elsewhere), but there has to be something that'll work


The BEST way is find some hens.
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Nitro, I was looking at advice on fixing the decoy. I was not looking for advice on turkey hunting. You hunt your way and i will hunt mine.
You could get a hinge with a spring attached to the decoy and a string attached to the hinge, and pull the string to pull the fan down maybe?


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Isn't it illegal to mount one on a RC car?

In some states yes, but in Ga I think it might be legal.

There is wording that states no electronic callers for game animals and also something about no electronic communication devices.
On a serious note, an old turkey hunter showed me this one. Let the breeze move your decoys. He put the dekes out and then stuck a couple of small sticks in the ground behind them so they would move with the wind but not spin all the way around. Haven't tried it, but sounds like it should work to create "some" movement.