Best/worst bbq in georgia!?!?

Old South BBQ, at Windy Hill and S. Cobb Dr.

The best pulled pork and ribs. Incredibly good Brunswick stew. They have been there for over forty years.

If you are in Smyrna at lunchtime, stop in and try them.


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Best brisket is Southern Smoke in Dalton

Worst bbq I've ever had is Big Johns in Lafayette.
I may have to revise my previous positive reviews on Fresh Air BBQ.

We haven't been there in several years, so I don't know if it is just my tastes have changed with age or what. But this year someone brought pulled pork down to our family Christmas Eve get-together, from the Jackson location.

It was way too salty and vinegary for my taste and others commented the same. There was a separate container of sauce, so I tasted that and it was the sauce that was too salty in my opinion. You really couldn't taste the meat flavor for all the salt and vinegar.
Everyone needs to try Sanders BBQ in Vesta on hwy 77 between Lexington and Elberton. Only open on Friday and Saturday. Well worth the drive. Get the pork and ribs! Get a to go order to fried skins! And the fried chicken is some of the best you will ever eat! The hash is awesome!
Any of Y'all in the Atlanta area should check out Righteous Que. I know I've posted it before but they have hands down the best Brisket around from a restaurant! I hit a new place up last week Twice ! Twins Smokers on Marietta St down town! Good brisket sandwich! There collards were ok and their Mac and cheese had a hint of jalapeño to it!

Here is a shot of Righteous Que's Fatty brisket! Dang good stuff! The guys that run it a great Christ followers and really good guys!
The really do have the best brisket at Righteous Que! Dave Poe's is also very good.

I have had too many cruddy BBQ places to mention!
Was in Atlanta earlier this week for some training and stumbled upon B's Cracklin' BBQ. There was 13 of us in the group and everybody talked about how good it was. Between all of us I think we had some of everything on the menu and all of it was good. The fresh pork skins and peach infused coleslaw were my favorites. Now granted a bunch of them was Yankees and I don't know if they even knew what BBQ was before One fella from Indiana said he needed to move down south just because the BBQ was so good.
3 pigs in pine mountain has moved a few doors down to a bigger place. they take cards now, no drive through on the new business though.


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B's Cracklin', Fox Bros., Heirloom, Williamson Bros., Thompson Bros. are all fantastic BBQ restaurants in the Atlanta area.

I know that I catch crap for it, but I still love Fat Matt's, even though they aren't really traditional ribs.

Southern Soul in St. Simon's is my absolute favorite BBQ in Georgia.

I will never understand the attraction to Fresh Air. Some of the most bland BBQ that I have ever eaten. Right up there with Slope's and Hudson's.

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Smokin Po Boys in Winder. Best barbecue I've had since the old days of Ivey's or Ray's barbecue in Lilburn.
I hear their wings are Really good too.
Always a touchy subject

Good: Moonies in Flowery Branch (ate there ~10 times and never disappointed). Pork & brisket w/mustard sauce

Bad: Fresh Air in Jackson (tried 4 different times - never got any better). Smells good riding past it. :shoot:Vinegar sauce

Grew up on Jenkins BBQ in Jax and when down there always get a slab.


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Best: Fox Brothers BBQ. Candler park / little five points.
Ribs are the best I have ever had.
They just started charging $38 for one beef short rib!!!!!!!!

It's absolutely delicious but I'll never pay that ever.....EVER!!!!!!:mad::mad::mad:facepalm::crazy:

I can pay the same for prime rib and a Gibson martini at Highland Tap.