beware of this weed!!

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Senior Member guys and gals , I'm telling you , if you ever see this stuff starting in your yard or plots , take care of it now .. i've had decent luck w/ 2/4 D amine but it's almost a full time job trying to stay ahead of it .. when it goes to seed it gets b-b-b-ad..glyphoshate will kill it but sometimes you need a selective herbicide .. crap sprouts overnight after you just sprayed right next to it


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All I can say is good luck with it. I 24D'd mine to death, but it just keeps on coming. I sprayed it in 7 day intervals 3 times. It's still popping up from seed. I shouldn't have skipped the pre-emergent maybe. It's never ending and it's in multiple yards.
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that's all we can do .. spray before it goes to seed and next year maybe double up on preM .. i have some atrazine but my biggest issues are in my veggy gardens .. i read on one website that just remnants of the leaves can sprout .. a dream come true ..nightmares are dreams too


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I have it in on my property. half roundup and half 2-4d gets rid of it for me.
It's taken over a flower bed I have so no herbicide. My afternoon exercise is pulling up a bunch. It's like a solid sheet - no idea where it all came from.

Now it's spreading into the yard.


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I noticed it in My lawn just the other day. it a small spot so I hope I can nip it in the bud before it spreads.
So use Roundup, kill the chamberbitter, don’t treat your flowers. Or use a pre, & buy plants at the nursery instead of from seed.

But once you get chamberbitter, it will plague you forever. It adapts to mowing, growing short & still making seed. As soon as you recognize the plant, it is already making seed.

One need not be concerned with it in a food plot; it is a poor competitor by comparison, but in a lawn or a flowerbed, it is a pain for sure.

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Mix your round up and paint it on them with a brush.

They also sell round up in a gel you can roll on like a deodorant application. I never had much luck with that though. Total pain.
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hmmmm I have several of those weeds around my mailbox. Darn it.
I have to pull them out asap.
Thx for sharing.
Good Luck. Every year mine gets worse. I can kill it, but it would be at the expense of killing all of my grass. In my Fescue back yard, it dominates. Front, Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipeed, I am letting the grass grow longer than normal, hoping it gets choked out. Not as bad in the spreading grasses.
Knowing what I know now, and if confined to just a flower bed, the flower bed would be expendable, and I would Nuke the flower bed, flowers an all.
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i never saw this junk till last year .. in the lawn doesn't bother me as much as everywhere else gardens, plots , walking paths.. 2 4 D amine kills it real good in the lawn, you just have to spot spray it everyday for a while


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Any thing I want to get rid of, I just point it out to the ol lady and tell her to make it grow...woman has the "brownest" thumb on the planet. She kills everything green she "tries" to grow.
Chamberbitter (Mimosa Weed)
So that's what that cra er I mean stuff is called. I kill it back every year and the next year it comes right back again. I do the same as everybody else - gly and 2-4-d.