Big brother watching you

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Does your employer actively look at your office communication, internet activity and have cameras everywhere? Do you think they don't look?

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Someone is watching you almost everywhere you go. Most work places watch everything you do. The bigger the corporation the more invasive they are with their “security “.
It’s best when at work to not do anything that’s not work related


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Internet is totally monitored and filtered by present employer, they always look.

As a manager at previous employer I found cameras in every hallway feeding a phone app. Took them all down as one of my first acts.


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Spend most of my time out of the office but when I AM in there I expect internet activity is monitored. If want to do personal things I bring my own laptop and use my own wifi hotspot. No cameras though.


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Every tech in our IT department has a piece of masking tape over the webcam on their laptops.

What's that tell you?


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They can show videos of me to all the others so they can see how it should be done,.
I have 43 employees. I have no idea what they are doing on the internet. I don't have time for that and I don't care as long as they get their chargeable time and the invoices go out the door. If that's happening nobody is screwing off on company time and if they are they are making up for it without any over time charged to me.