BIG Gator

Had to be dispatched because of poor health. Well....maybe. Or maybe they all wanted some Gator nuggets. While I wasn’t there he didn’t look sick to me. He was old. Maybe he was just cold and lazy. Don’t most of us old timers know how he may have felt?
He had been shot at least once I believe.
Don`t quote me on this, because I forgot where I heard it, but it seems like a gator gains about a foot a year till they get to about 7 or 8 feet, then their growth slows down. I know where an old bull is on Seminole that is right at 14 feet, and in 6 years, he hasn`t gained any length that I can tell.

I speck it would be safe to say that old feller above was 60 years old.
I’ve hooked them in the 13 foot range and had to break them off while hunting solo. It’s a weight most cannot imagine and a power that is unbelievable. I stick to the 10 and unders now when drawn.