Big Lazer WMA / Flint River / Hickman Island

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Anyone have any info pertaining to kayak camping on Hickman Island which sits right at the launch area for the Big Lazer WMA?
The online interactive map for the WMA shows a primitive campsite on the island.

I am fully aware that the WMA offers free primitive camping but it sits waaaaay off the water.


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I don't have any info right now but after looking at it on the map, I'll go drive down there and explore next weekend (the 9th). It isn't too far from my hunting camp so I don't think I'm interested in camping but more for putting in and taking out.
I'll report back when I return
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The northern kayak launch area is nice enough off of Big Lazer Creek.

The launch near the southern tip of Hickman island is disappointing to say the least. Hard to explain but they found a creek that empties into the Flint River. You have to paddle 15 ft up the creek to get to the wooden steps that sit perpendicular to the flint river. The creek is narrow enough that you can hold both arms out and touch each side of the creek bank almost and the creek banks on both side of you are 10ft y’all. Did I mention extremely sneaky looking? I sat at the edge of the creek entrance for a minute splashing water into the banks hoping to scare any potential 8ft water moccasins out of my way before attempting to enter. Upon entering the creek there had been a mudslide with all the rain and the creek was full of mud before you could reach the steps. I had to stand up in my entry level “sit-in” $180 Sun Dolphin Walmart Aruba kayak, balance my self and try to step into the mud silt to get out of the kayak.
I failed. It’s a sit in for a reason. Tipped to the right, started taking on water without hitting an iceberg and I had to make a step for the mud. Failed. Didn’t want to push off too hard and push the yak back down the creek so I accidentally slid off into the brackish trash filled creek and had to crawl up into the mud to get out. Sliding all over. Scared as **** of snakes at my feet. Mud everywhere. Sinking down to my knees in it when I stepped. My spook popper at the end of my rod got hung up in the green plastic they had somewhat draped on the side of part of the bank I guess to prevent vegetation growth. I tried to pull it out to no avail. Just broke the line and left it there about 5ft up the bank.

It’s a mess. Mud all over the steps at the bottom. Mud will continue to fill the creek further away from the steps making it near impossible to exit. If you’re not half way athletic right now, you ain’t getting out there(shameless plug).

It’ll probably be shut down soon and I’m a glass half full kinda guy.

Don’t know why they just didn’t turn it parallel with the Flint river on the bank like so many others I’ve seen. Guess they thought the creek access would be cool and keep it out of potential flooding zones but it’s still in one now. May have been a quicker and cheaper build too.