Big Mama!

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Other than a few small boars, it’s been nothing but sows with cubs for me lately. The big gal in the picture snuck in silently from behind me yesterday afternoon. I turned my head to the left and she was only 15 feet away staring a hole through me. The wind was really gusting up high and the ground was still damp from the morning rain. I’m still amazed something so big could get so close without making a sound. When I moved to pick up my phone to get some video she woofed a couple of times sending three cubs up a red Oak. Not sure how to post video, so the pics will have to do. Really cool encounter. A947A743-6275-49A3-8318-47910E7A10EA.jpeg 7B7D6E63-F9F8-4B4C-894F-1523D045463F.jpeg
Okay just going to put this out there. I'd be done ruined the rest day of hunting do to having to go do laundry💩.. Back to KillerKyle where the heck that come from an I not know it💭. Haha. The feeling you get when something is watching👀 you an find this wow!! Some folks just don't believe how much the rain an wind can change things up an a hunting trip becomes this.. So glad you got away safe from the looks you were on ground an not in a climber( I get that right).. Nice sow!! My ticker would have been outta wack after I seen that.. Need my mamas eyes in the back of the head... But again, she got so close to you without knowing you where there, same as you didn't know she walked up with cubs. Bet she was like 💭why did I put my cub in dangers way get up that tree🌲 an quick!!


...just joking, seriously.
Pulling off pictures and a video in a situation like that is much tougher than pulling the trigger!
You are a successful bear hunter! Congrats on your encounters...


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Awesome! I bet that was quite a show!
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I climbed up to one of those saddles on a narrow ridge that necks down so tight that you’re forced to choose a direction and face one way or the other. She had to have followed my scent trail straight to my tree. I had buried myself into a little brushed in ground blind so I don’t think she could see me that well. That’s one thing I have noticed about bear is that they don’t seem to get all freaked out like a deer does when they hit your scent trail. They seem to be more curious than anything. Now if they get downwind of you it’s a different story and they are gone.
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The cubs look like they were over 75 lbs but she was a big ol girl
I thought they were close to 75lbs as well. As they were moving away through the mountain laurel one of the Cubs must have upset her to the point where she must have taken a swipe at it and it let out a loud yelp/squeal. Had I not seen it myself I would’ve thought the sound came from a pig.
That's awesome, Jbogg! Great pics. Sometimes I think about bringing a nice camera for all the non-legal bear encounters. The photos alone are worth the hunt. Thanks for sharing with us!