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Does anybody specifically target the bigger trout on the Chattahoochee river ? I can usually catch the snits pretty good, but I want to fish for the 15+" trout. I've seen them and had a "monster" brown try to eat my hooked trout(6"+) as I was trying to reel him in. He missed. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I plan on fishing the Abbotts Bridge to Settles Bridge section, 6'9" ML rod, 8 lb test mono, f9 rapalas in silver, gold, and brown trout. I figure the early morning foggy time would be the best time. 2nd option is Medlock to Jones Bridge. Anyone w ER run the river from Jones Bridge to Roswell? Thanks!

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There used to be a guy named Stan Crigger from Smyrna that targeted the really big trout on the Hooche back in the '70's. There were articles about him in the old Ga. Sportsman magazine and maybe one in GON also.
His method was free floating big nightcrawlers under the largest submerged logs and undercut banks that he could find. He fished alot between Lovett and Plant Atkinson, I think. He always had pics of 8 and 10 pounders at an old bait shop on South Cobb Drive. I tried his method on multiple occasions and was never able to duplicate his results, and although I caught a bunch of big browns, I never caught one that was 8 or 10.
Before they started stocking the stripers in West Point, we would flatten landing nets and scrape the face of Morgan Falls Dam for crawfish. These were good baits for big fish in that section of the river, down to 41.
Good luck! I'd like to hear how you do.


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+1 for big streamers.

If you aren't into fly fishing, take that cue from the thug brownie that swiped at your 6" bow and throw bigger countdowns or swimbaits. I've had success with a sebile 95 .. when I started throwing it I expected long, rote days with *maybe* a one big fish payoff, but I caught about the same number of fish. Those snits aren't scared of bigger baits.

Of course, that's all secondary to just putting the time in. Good luck!
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Thanks all for the replies. I'm a total noob at fly fishing and I don't want to sound ignorant on fly fishing board so maybe you guys can elaborate more. I have a scientific anglers 9' 5/6 wt package fly combo from Walmart if that means anything. I think it has a floating line. Would I need a sinking line? What size style flavor etc streamer should I get first? It seems so much more complicated than casting rapalas.
This one hit a worm. For the most part, I don't use artificial lures for trout.
That pic musta been took at the rock creek hatchery haha
Ive had alot of luck floating crickets as far as catching bigger trout goes
If you're going to fly fish with streamers, you'll want a sinking or a sink tip line. Probably need to fish pretty deep to find the really big fish I'd guess. I spend a lot of time fishing for trophy sized trout, but not in the Hooch, and where I fish you need to be on bottom to hook a big one, generally speaking.

Even though I exclusively fish with a fly rod, it could be that fishing with a spinning outfit and getting down deep with rapalas and other big plugs might be better than fly fishing for the big ones down there. Maybe someone more experienced has an opinion on that.
If your not dead set on fly fishing then throw countdown rapala's. I have never fished where you are, but do target big fish on the tuck in WNC.

Rainbow and gold seem to do best here. Match the larger baitfish you see in the river or match smaller stocked trout. Crawfish immitations work well too.


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My good friend who has the state record Brown. Told me that a 20lb trout doesn't get that big by eating flies. It gets that big by eating other trout. So when we go we go BIG


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Yozuri pins minnow in rainbow color heard some monsters were caught on this one in the hooch.
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I'm breaking out my bass sized jerk baits and minnow baits then as soon as the water release is stopped. Anyone ever try soft jerk baits like a super fluke? They could really work the log jams where Ive seen some "monsters" hanging out. Keep the suggestions coming!