biggest burke co. bucks


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I been living in Burke Co. for 25 years and I've seen some monsters , but I would like to see some of the bucks you boys from out of county have killed here in my home county. Here is my best buck killed 02' 9 pointer 18" inside spread, shot near Gough, GA.


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In 1979 my dad killed an 8 pt in Magruder that tipped the scales at 205 field dressed.

That would make it 270 lbs (or so) on the hoof.

I will try and post a picture later

mike bell

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I have to find my pictures of the couple I shoot here in Burke. I have the biggest mounted. Its a 124" eight point that was scaled at 180 lbs at Dave's Lakeside Outfitters before he packed up and left town. That was a few year back.

This year I shot two eight points in the south Girard-Briar Creek area. I didnt weigh the one, but I know he had to be close to 200 lbs. It was the biggest deer I have ever seen. Its front legs cut at the elbow was almost touching the floor in my cooler. And the bar we hang them on is like 6 1/2 - 7 feet off the floor. It was huge!
Here's my biggest buck.I killed him in 2001. It grossed 140 B & C.
This is the 9 ponter I killed last year, He only grossed around 120 B & C.
Both were killed close to Sardis.


I used a processor near Waynesboro on HWY 56 at Brier Creek....Tucher's Deer Processing. His has some absolute monsters on his wall in there. I believe that he harvested all of them right along the creek. The harvest dates all seemed to be from the end of October through November....the years of harvest span a long time.

He's got a very clean operation and did a really good job. I'll definitely go there again.