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The WMA thread got me wondering if anyone else has picked up a good one Blind walking on a WMA or newly leased property. This was a pick up on a WMA last year and the pics don't do it justice. Ten point tank with twisted main beams. Lot of mass that doesn't really come through on the pics..I bleached it and put it in my sons dresser.
He was a little excited when he found it..:D
Anyone else pick up a good one ?
20190703_170535.jpg 20190703_170400.jpg
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I found a big bodied mature 6 point with a drop tine when I was a Forest Ranger. Saw his remains while plowing a presuppression fire break. Found a fresh dead seven point once that I got off the tractor to examine. He looked to be killed from a deep antler gouge to the brain through the thin bone behind the eye socket. I saw a huge eight and a broke up giant ten on that same property on the same day. Lots of other cool critter finds and sightings from the seat of that old 650 G. If I swing by the unit I’ll snap a pic of the big 6. I euro mounted him and he’s still on their wall.


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I’ve picked up two Booner sheds, among others. Those two assumed right matched left and a 20” inside spread applied.
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Not talking about sheds. Most of us have picked up good sheds..Which is better than picking them up this way.
13 5/8 outside 12 inside..... he was a shooter but I'd be hesitant about pulling the trigger on him.....I believe he was bigger before in life due to all the trash at his basis
I’ve studied that quality rack at Bf grant a few times. Basically a buck has to have a steering wheel on his head or past the eye socket. The avg steering wheel is 15 inches outside and most bucks with tips past the eye socket are 16” legal.