Biggest Snake I Have Ever Seen

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I know how posting on here goes and I will have some people saying this snakes not real, BUT it is real I did shoot it and it is the biggest I have ever seen in person.(And I go to Claxton for the Rattle snake roundup) We were putting out minerals on our hunting land. We had been messing around all day and decided to go check on some crabapple trees that had been planted. My buddy almost stepped right on the thing. This snake never coiled or rattled he saw us and tried to haul butt back into the woods, However me and my 44 revolver had different idea. Ill say I HATE snakes specially poisonous ones. we cut his rattler off and left him. Im not sure on his Exact length but Im 6'4 and my buddy holding him is 6 foot he was way longer than me. I guess the snake was around 8 feet. He Had 12 and a half rattlers. Im just sharing this to remind all you outdoorsmen to wear your snake BOOTS!



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I've tromped the McIntosh, Liberty and Long county woods a big part of my life... and I've seen many really big diamondbacks... This one is a hoss!

It is being held out in front making it look bigger in comparison like people do their whitetail horns... but in proportion...

This one is a HOSS!
I wish I had not look at the pic !!!!!
Now I got the heebejeebezz !!!!!!!!

Thats a BIG snake...Glad your buddy did not step on it !!!!!
AND glad you sent him to snake heaven !!!!!
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You would need the hip wader snake chaps for that one! I killed one in the 70es over 7 feet, yours is bigger!


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Growing up in central Florida I've seen some big'uns, yours is right up there with the best of them. I killed one in Avon Park in the 70's that was a tad over eight and they look close in size.


I would have Measured it for sure, skinned and taned the hide, and breaded up some snake meat and tossed it in a cast iron skillet. You left some great meat in the woods!!
That thing looks like he'd have a pair of snake boots for lunch! Holy cow that's a huge snake. Glad you whacked him. I think I would've skinned that thing and mounted him! Unbelievable!