Bird Dog Pyrography


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This is new for me but I would like to try and see what I can do with it.

If any of you would llke to have your bird dog image burned on a piece of wood, please give me a shout. Never done this before, but would like to try with a lab or other water dog.

All I ask is a couple of photos. One of the dog itself and one of the dog either retreiving or point birds.

Price, @ $25 plus shipping for the first 2 that reply. Please PM me the photos (2) of the dog by itself and one at work, and I will do the rest.

Thanks for your interest,


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Has been filled. :cool:

Will post up when I get it done


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Ever thought of doing a Mtn Cur or Fiest on the tree.
Like the one in my Avatar?
Sure would like a preview of the Bird dogs.


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I had a couple lined up, but still no photos. Hit me with a full size photo of them and I will see what I can do. (Got my two w/photos so I will give you all a holler when I get them finished )
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