Birthday Frenzy on Allatoona

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Took a few days off to take my motorhome and fishing boat up to Lake Allatoona for my 58th birthday. Just me and my son. Didn’t have any ideas on the fishing scene, but knew it was way too hot to even try until after 8:00 pm or so. He jumped in the Kayak and donned the name “ Kaptain Kayak” (He’s a hoot), and slowly approached a well marked reef in the north side of the lake. Shortly afterwards, the water came alive in a frenzy of feeding white bass boiling up all around us. Totally unprepared, we threw whatever we could get tied on to try to get as many as possible. Nothing worked. I was able to land just one with a rattletrap before the frenzy was over, just as quick as it started. We went to Cabelas the next morning to gear up for the full moon frenzy that we knew was coming the next night, night of my birthday, and full moon.
We got a pack of plastic minnows, a couple 1/4” rooster tails, and a new “blade bait”, a really cool metal minnow made from a blade of metal with the assistance of the cabelas guys suggested them. We both got in the boat around 7:45 and trolled over to the reef. Right on cue, the water started splashing all around us. I threw the blade bait and man IT WAS ON! First cast landed me the ability to finally “There he is” just like the guys on TV! 1 in the boat, the next 5 casts landed 5 fish, all medium sized fiesty white bass. Kaptain Kayak wasn’t fairing as well with the other baits, so we quickly swapped rods, and first, as well as the next 7-8 casts landed him just as many healthy bass. Watching him was just as fun as catching fish... We both had the best time ever, and brought us closer together than we’ve been in years. Just as soon as it started, the frenzy was over, and there wasn’t a fish in sight. Caught and released them all, and made memories that will last a lifetime.....