Bizarre drug induced behavior

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Last night in Chattanooga, I saw this guy walking out of an establishment. He was staggering down the sidewalk and a bottle of oxycodone fell out of his pocket. He immediately stripped off his belt and began to flail the bottle. He was still engaged in this bizarre action when the police arrived. He left in cuffs. He was charged with opioid abuse.


...just joking, seriously.
This is old news!
Actually happened 33 years ago and the opioids just now filed the complaint.
Said the recent spate of Me 2s gave them the confidence to come forward...
(jk, gunnurse, ❤️u man)


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Did you hear about the Dad that stopped at the gas station, bought a case of beer and slung it in the backseat as usual but forgot his baby was laying there?

Didn't hurt it. It was a case of light beer 🍻