Black Coyotes

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Two years ago, bow hunting, I spotted a black coyote in Hancock county. A year later, in Jefferson county I shot one in a cotton field.

These are the only two I've ever seen and only one friend has seen another.

Any idea how common they are?


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Do a search here on the forum on black coyotes as there are a few posted.

jai bo

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I have seen a couple down here...1 night I spot lighted 1 and it looked like he had irrodescent stripes barely visible patterned almost like a zebra...he was purty but no small caliber to shoot him...he'd been a purty mount....


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I have seen several on Fort Gordon. Actually, I've seen more black coyotes here than the naturally colored ones.

Rebel 3

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I killed a black one in November. Have also killed a 12 pt buck, but that was a few years ago. If you notice, most black coyotes have a small white patch on their chest.


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i have never seen one but i know several people that have shot them. most of em arent pur bread yotes. they are cross bread with dogs.

Tiger Rag

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I would say that black coyotes are as common as panther sightings, except in areas where there are river otters.
They seem to fairly common in the eastern central part of the state...

I have seen them in Wilkes,Mcduffie and Hancock counties


them yotes are smart, one of mine wuz carrying a can of black shoe pollish. They think they can blend in with house dogs!


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I have done alot of reading on yotes, and I believe I read that only about 5% of yotes are black. It is hereditary so that explains multiple sightings in one area.I ran one with dogs about 10 years ago, but I haven't seen one since. They will also breed with yard dogs, so that could also cause them to be black.
Some folks hunting on large land leases in GON Magazine articles reported about 10% of their coyote sightings/harvests are black. Some bow hunters in Fulton Cty. GON magazine articles also reported good luck in big buck sightings every trip that they saw a black coyote, for whatever that is worth. I still have not seen a black one yet, but I have a friend that harvested one that he's going to have mounted.