Black Fox Squirrel

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My second attempt at this one. He gave me the slip twice last week and I was determined to get him today. I was pondering whether to hunt this spot since i had spooked him but what the heck! Got to the spot(which was right between the 2 places I saw him last week) and the wind was right(lol) . At 9:30 I spotted a little white spot on a tree 80 yards out. I thought to myself, that doesn't look right. I kept watching and after 5 minutes or so I saw a little movement. It is amazing how well a black squirrel can blend in. I have killed probably a hundred of them plus guided others and It still amazes me how they blend in. Anyway, I rushed the tree and he hid near the top instead of going back down 15 ft to the hole he came out of. My 20 gauge Double barrel did the rest. Video Out soon !!!



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I have fox squirrels on the farm I hunt, just not a "gun" huntable population. I wouldnt ever shoot one.

Now letting my redtail hawk catch one is a whole different story, at least that gives the squirrel a fighting chance. It would definitely be professionally mounted if she ever connects on one.