Black Jaguar Spotted !!!!


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Now I have debated long and hard on whether or not to post this sighting. And if I had seen it I probably wouldn't but since it was my father I am going to go ahead and let him take the heat. i was talking to dad the other day and somehow the topic of these cats came up. He said and I qoute" I was heading home(Hamilton,GA. Lake Harding Area) around 12:00-12:30am and was about 1or2 miles from "The Store" when a big dark colored cat jumped from the left side of the road and landed on the right. It cleared the road in one jump.He said its tail was at least 3ft. long . It stood there for a minute and then jogged into the brush. He told me that other than his wife I was the only other one he had told, because he was afraid that people would think he was crazy. So what do you think it was? I believe him, for the simple fact that he wouldn't be pulling my leg because he really doesn't have a sense of humor.


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Whoa! That's getting even closer to Piney Grove Farm!Oh, I see, it happened near Hamilton, GA. That's a bit ****her up the road than Lumpkin is. Thanks for sharing,
We live in Douglasville and my husband said he saw the same type of thing 6-7 months ago. I researced it online and could not find any info stating we had any type of panther, etc. in our area, so I just let it go. I thought he was crazy...hahah not really


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Should have kept that one in the . Seriously i saw a panther onceIt didn't quite make the jump accross the road but was still fast. I also had a witness. This was in about 1988. But they don't exist in ga so i guess were all crazy. Right?


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I thought Jaguar was a fancy British sports car, and a panther was a black Cougar.


Go to a zoo and look at them close up and you can see their spots, but at a distance they appear solid black.,


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My Brother-in-Law was hiking on Pine Mountain last week, and came around a bend in the trail and surprised a "large black cat", as large as a black lab dog, with a tail about three feet long. It ran down the hill and out of sight. He is a very serious person, and never tells tall tales.But we don't have them in Georgia, now, do we?
My wife and I saw one in Salem Alabama. Just across the river from Columbus Georgia. It came through the edge of our back yard. When it saw us it laid down about 50 yards from us. When I stood up it ran. Never saw it again. Neighbors said I was crazy but we saw what we saw. Panther, no doubt.


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I saw one in Hogansville Ga a couple of years ago. Sounds just like what your dad described. We do have them here in Ga. but I believe they are far and few between (right now)
Well I was going to let this pass but it has been on my mind a few days now, the other morning while in the tree stand(0735) about 25 feet up I heard a loud commotion coming through the woods. I look over and it is a Large Black Cat chasing something. He was about 20 yards out. Now I’m not saying it was a panther, it looked like a large house cat. I just don’t know.


Pretty big black cat in the dec. GON climbing up the side of a feeder and guys on our lease claim they have seen one a couple times in the past year or two an we are in north meriwether.....