Black Panther in Paulding Co?


There are those that believe that both melanistic and spotted jaguars live in Georgia.

To those that do, my challenge still stands.
That one has been on here about ten times so far. It's a melanistic leopard taken in South Africa.


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Thats too funny..... a guy in my club from Dahlonega showed that picture to me Saturday and said a friend got the pic on his trail camera up in the mountains. I told him his friend was pulling his leg but he was insitant that it was real.

The legend of the black cougar/panther lives on.


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Guys, that pic came from my trail cam in the middle of Clarke County less than 2 miles from Sanford Stadium.

Now I know why my deer sightings are not what they used to be

Fella across the road swears that him and his son has seen a " black lion" 3x this year!!! We are in Paulding.... He said its killing his chickens and goats... I just roll with it... lol
My cousin in-laws', uncle's step sister's daughter in-law's baby daddy seen the same one fighting with a bigfoot. That should quiet down the doubters.