Black powder in the morning...

Jack Flynn

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The ole Doc White Tominator, black powder shotgun, woke up last week, after 10 yrs of being asleep. It's still got it. 16 inch pizza boxes were the target. Love the smell of bp smoke in the mornings. BPI nickel plated #7.5 shot propelled by 100 gr. pyrodex P powder in a quarter slit White powercup. Come on Saturday!

Good luck! Hope you put one down with it.
I see you were marking with a sharpie now, I first thought you were shooting some kind of crazy cross or jack-shaped shot, lol.
This is awesome! That's a heckuva great pattern from a smokepole, no doubt! I know you were proud killing a fine bird like that with a super cool shotgun! Awesome job! I'd love to have one of those myself one of these days!