Blackhorn 209 a b bonded Shockwave Bullets

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Question do to shoulder surgery a few years back I like to ask will 80 or 90 gr. of BH powder and Thompson center 250 gr. Shockwave yellow tip and the Bonded Blue tip which bullet would be the better choice with that powder charge

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Seeing that the volumetric to grains conversion rate for BH 209 is 0.7 you are loading 56 grs at 80 and 63 grs at 90. While they will be a little recoil reduction Im not sure that it will translate into really noticeable "felt" reduction. BUT, as with anything, you'll never know until you try it..

About the only way to lower felt recoil outside of padding, would be to reduce bullet weight. TC does have some 200 gr Shockwaves....
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I think I may have to look into a Bushnell banner 6" eye relief.
The Bushnell bone crusher is not going to make it with a 3" eye relief.
I was out today after a few rounds of sporting clays headed over to the rifle bench.
Yep with 90 gr of BH 209 just tap the bridge of my nose again.
I like to ask any one have any idea on the Bushnell 6" set up.?
Can the scope be used let day 4 1/2" relief or must you be 6" for the full view.??