Blacksmithing Show near Blue Ridge

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Hello all. In 2016, my husband and I went to a blacksmith/primitive skills show at a campground near Blue Ridge, GA. It was recommended by someone on GON. Also recommended were our accommodations, which was a small cabin on a family farm. I have searched my threads on GON and my emails on GON and can't find the place we stayed. I also can't remember who recommended. Does anyone know who may have been the one to recommend the blacksmith show to me? Seems he was a regular attendee. He is the one who recommended the accommodations.

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Might have been me. However, the Trackrock HI event is held at Trackrock Campground & Stables in Blairsville (not Blue Ridge). Held 2x a year - spring and fall.
Next one is March 22 - 23. Directions can be found on
There are some cabins nearby at "Misty Mountain" and there are others in the area as well little googling is all it takes (ones at the campground get booked way in advance for some reason).
Heck yeah they're fun! It's every kids dream .... play with fire, beat stuff with a hammer, make a lot of noise, handle sharp, pointy things, and get your clothes dirty! What's not to like?
Not many places you can go watch this kind of stuff and not pay some kind of fee. We cater to the kids first so just be aware of that. There are all levels of bladesmiths participating at this event - from beginners to professionals - so a lot to see/watch.

We only ask that you think and act safely, be courteous and respectful of both the participants and the campground. In other words, act as if you came with your Pastor.