Blackstone Wednesday brekfus.


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Got our power back on yesterday about 6:25. Thank you Georgia Power!! Been using the Blackstone,Bayou Classic and BGE. Decided on a good brekfus before we got started back on clean up today.



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Porch dining.

This table looks bad, but it is just distressed as Mz. R calls it. Pancakes,bacon, rooster boolits and hash browns. As long as it holds my plate of groceries she can call whatever she wants.


That looks pretty much perfect right there.


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Man what a hearty helping. That looks great!! And the Texas Pete just tops it off.


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You got a great start with that awesome breakfast !
Now there's a protein and carb overload fit for a king!


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Awesome! I have to admit, I was quietly hoping for a few hours of power outage from Irma so I could use the Blackstone to make a big 'ol breakfast for the neighbors. We escaped unscathed, though, so I guess I'll just have to plan and invite them over sometime.


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That's quite a breakfast there Moonpie! If ate all that, I'm afraid my cleanup day would have been delayed a little bit...........

Been picking up small limbs etc here today too, but overall not near as bad as other folks had it with Irma. Thankful for that.


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RDC, when you decide to pull the trigger it will be all over! I'm like NCH it's one of my prized possessions. Love cooking on it!


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I knew better than to open this early in the morning.
Now I'm hongry.

Gage, just go ahead and get it. She'll find something else to fuss about anyway.
I was moaning yesterday morning about not having anything but junk.
When I pulled the 4th bow out of the closet, my wife said she didn't want to
hear me complaining any more. :biggrin2: