Blessed Beyond Deserving/ '19 Season Limited

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Todd E

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Bird #1 opening morning. Bird #2 second Saturday eve.

On the third Saturday, I went back to #2 bird kill site. I wasn't expecting anything. Low and behold, a gobbling freak had replaced bird no.2. I set up and messed with him until 10am. No luck. I was already sick and stayed out of church on Sunday. I leaned into a tree at 6:15am on Sunday morning. The Freak started hammering. I was teased by him gobbling 100 times. I stayed dug in on him for FIVE HOURS. At high noon, I finally lured him in and missed him standing flat footed. At 12:18, he was right back gobbling. I went back at 4pm. I lured him again at 7:10pm to 80 yds. He was nervous and eventually ran. I spent Monday and half of Tuesday in the bed; sick as a dog. Tuesday afternoon......let's go. Arrive, and he is already gobbling at 2pm. Taunted me until 4:30pm. Gobbled twice around 7:10pm and he headed to roost. Friday am finds me right back leaned into a tree listening to The Freak firing up. This time after 20-25 gobbles, he hit the ground and hushed. Totally out of his norm. I was bound and determined to right my wrong and finish my limit on him, The Freak.

Friday afternoon, I loaded up and headed south. Saturday morning found me slip sliding down an Ohoopie River RD and then walking in water almost over my snake boots to my spot. It had came a frog strangler Friday night. Thus, the birds were tight lipped. Spent Saturday eve fishing. I wasn't at all concerned. I knew I wanted to kill The Freak. Awoke this morning to high winds. I thought to myself, well....I will concentrate on turkey when I get home. Set up found me hearing a jake three counties over with oble riding a fast tail wind. LoL. I just couldn't take it. Needed to find me a hole out of the wind. Snuck around to some clean pines in a flatlands holler and set up. Gave some loud yelps with my "butt naked hen" diaphragm and leaned back. Thirty mins later, did the same. 15 mins later I'm bored and doze off. Suddenly, I'm awakened by a gobble out of nowhere. After gaining my wits, he gobbles again. I gave him three very soft and easy yelps. Next gobble, he's coming. He trots into view, stops, gobbles, looks, and trots straight at me. I'm thinking... you do not need to come right up in my lap. Told myself on his next stop and look to just drop him. I did. and thats a wrap.

I'm thankful for bird no.3 and my season being over. Bummed that I can't eat him as he was full of nasty green infection when I skin him out.

I shared the story about The Freak because my no.3 kill was bittersweet. As much as I enjoyed it, I was looking forward to matching wits with The Freak again.
I's just going to be someone else looking down the barrel.

56917747_2325130400852181_3333467407124529152_n.jpg 56842653_2325130624185492_3377730356529594368_n.jpg 57154390_2325130914185463_6420928356073603072_n.jpg 57000824_2325131050852116_5369780486707085312_n.jpg 56915806_2325131374185417_3816449669404295168_n.jpg


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Great story and awesome bird!
thanks for sharing
You sure it's not the same bird and the green is from your pellets you thought missed? Right way you had me on the edge of my seat reading! Great story.


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Don’t know how you do it but those are some fantastic pictures.


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You`ve had a great and memorable season, Brother Lineman. I`m proud for you.
Congrats on a great season. I also killed a bird the other day that was full of infection. He had a single through and through hole in the breast right near the point. It looked to me like a possible spur got him. Also a hole in his leg that was infected too.