Blue Ridge Trout Cabins?

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My family and I are going up to Blue Ridge next weekend. We typically rent a cabin that is on a stream so we can go trout fishing. Last year, at this time, we stayed at Hiawassee River Trout Lodge. It was a stock stream, which made it easier for us beginners! Can anyone tell me if Blue Ridge has a something similar to this? Or somewhere for me and my father to go fish once we get into Blue Ridge? Thanks for any info!
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BuckHunter 34....thats an awesome spot. It is everything that I was looking was booked for next weekend 13th and 14th....That is always my luck. Thanks for your help!!!


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thosa are really nice.....anybody no of any others, maybe big enough for 8-10 people?


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deersled, there are two cabins available at Buck Creek. That's thelastofthelas web site. There are two bedrooms and you can fit a blowup mattress on the floor in the living room. We can fit 4-6 easy into each cabin.


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Call Ron Coleman at Toccoa Wilderness Realty
He will hook you up
My wife's family has a awesome log cabin on the toccoa that they just built, still gonna take a little time to get it furnished and on the rental circuit.
I'll keep ya posted.