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Nice fish, makes me start itching for the weekend


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I have a flyrod and a jonboat, what are some tips/flies to catch bream in ponds and lakes? I ran into one guy (who posts on ngto) at a lake nearby who was using a cheap little foam spider type thing, he had a stringer full. Thanks!
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Foam spiders are good, as well as popping bugs and streamers. Sometimes big dry flies are deadly on bream and bass. Go around the full moon and bream bed in shallow (relatively) water. They are much easier to prospect for than trout and it generally won't take long for you to find them.


Fish are real nice but what you riding in? Hummm? Looks like a wooden boat. If so we need some pics of the boat.
Good eating size fish right there! X2 on pics of that boat!!!! I like that wood!
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Twenty two........... I didn't figure it was more than a dozen or so. Sounds like a fish story. Pictures of the wooden boat to follow.......


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I bet those were fun on a flyrod! Nice fish too!