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Where can I find a good deal on renting a small bobcat for a day? Anywhere in North / Northeast Ga.?? Already have a trailer just need it for one 8 hour day. Thanks.
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That's good to know :) I will be using it in West Ga off 20 but thought I could rent one close to the house and hual it down there myself. I might as well find a place close to where I will need it and get them to drop it off. Anyone know a good rental around Douglasville / Carroll County?


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Not knocking your "skills" but if you can't operate one good you'll be better off paying someone who is good on one. If you can operate it then rental is the way to go.

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I was looking to rent one a couple of years ago. In asking around to borrow a trailer, I found that my cousins husband had a skidsteer and he rented to me for less than the rental places. His had individual wheels with "tracks". If you rent a pneumatic tired skidsteer from the rental places, they charge about $200 to fix a flat tire. So if your working in the woods, try to find one with tracks. Me, wife and stepson all operated it with no problems.

It would be easy to back over someone or get crushed by the bucket, etc.

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I'm familiar. I have operated a few during my time. But I plan to let one of the other guys grade out the roads seeing he has years of experience. Plus after a few hours you feel like you have been beat to death :(
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Just didn't know if anyone knew of where I could rent one cheap. I honestly would be happy with an attachment for the back of the fourwheeler for the plot. The road can wait until next year.


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Piedmont Tractor it is in Gainesville 770-534-5357 You can pickup or they will deliver


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How difficult are they to operate?
I've got a couple of washes in our roads that could use a little work, as well as some light clearing for a food plot?
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If you have never operated one it make take a while to feel comfortable on it. It's not difficult to learn just takes time. Plus it will whip you the first couple of times. It's a workout all in it's own :) Found a place up here in Gainesville for $185 a day with tracks. Not too bad. I might just as well find somewhere close to where I need it and get it delivered.


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You might try Home Depot in Carrollton. Most of the time they carry a RSV with tracks with the trailer and all. Lowes does the same thing. As far as near your house there is a place called Northeast Georgia Rentals there at McEver in Oakwood. I personally like the Case uniloaders as they are all hand operated bucket, boom and direction. They are definatly easier to use for me.

These are some the main rental companies that have locations in most areas, their price depends on how hungry they are. Right now most are very hungry.