BOLO alert!!! Escaped inmate

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This guy needs to be caught! The problem is he will BLEND IN well. Very common "guy next door" look. He might be heading to Little Five Points to meet up with his crew or blending in anywhere in the state of Calf. Keep your eyes out for Corey "scully" Hughes. :biggrin2:

"Corey Hughes, 27, was reported missing about 1:30 p.m. Monday and was last seen on Interstate 5, the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s office said."



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Nice work. I need his ink guys contact info
At least he's got all of his teef.
Are there any distinctive features that would help us recognize him, you know like eye color, height, or a limp? Just about everyone in Kalipornia has tattoos these days.


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Once they lock him up again in a new jail, I hope there is someone that has the same vision to finish his tattoo.

I mean he gonna look awful silly walking around with a half finish scull tattoo on his face. .....