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Been watching them closely - seemed like the best of everything when they were released. Now I am seeing alot, I mean alot, of them being sold on FB. I know they are stable, are they a barge to paddle, wind affect them? They also seem to be much heavier than the specs are stating. Just wondered if any of you had them and had an honest review. Lots of $$ to drop when my Kilroy does so well.


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They are great kayaks. To my knowledge they preform very well on the water.

I kind of chalk it up to the huge hype they had hitting the market. A lot of folks got excited about getting into the new cool brand, over spent or going peddle drive.

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Been to two shops to look at one an even tried one out in Dawsonville, handled very well an was real stable , stood up an moved around with no problems , an I’m no small individual. Really nice boat an thinking about buying one , only thing is , it’s a boat load of coin !!!
My friend got the 127 recently. I have been out with him a few times and have tried it out. It paddles a little heavy and does catch some wind,but otherwise it is a good rig that is well thought out for fishing. It is ugly tho. I wouldn't spend 1600 on a new one, but that is just personal opinion.

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I have the Kilroy without the fishing add on's. Can't imagine ever wanting a different Kayak.
I just got a Bonafide ss107 about a month ago. The price did sting and hurt my wallet a bit. But, I'll say that I could not be happier and feel that it's been well worth it. I've used it twice a week now for a month. It's super stable, I stand more than I sit. It is a little sluggish, but that doesn't bother me. I don't need to get nowhere fast, I'm not fishing tournaments. The other thing I really like about it is how high the seat is off the deck. It's almost like sitting in a lawn chair, but it's also adjustable too. I debated on holding out for the newer RS 117. That boat is a much more attractive $999. The one thing it doesn't have that I really wanted was a storage hatch. I like to store rods and other gear inside my ss107.