bond swamp draw

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hey guys got drawn for bond swamp on dec. 8th and 9th. my dad was drawn and my son was drawn so have spots for three additional hunters. i'm not familiar with the area and would be willing to take someone else if you know the area and are willing to hunt with us. also any advice would be greatly appreciated. shoot me an email. thanks scott


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I’ve hunted parts of bonds swamp before NWR purchased the land we had access to in the late 90’s. best advice I can give you all is to scout and Be prepared to walk a lot and know the firarm rules as you will need somthing because all the hogs. There Is a launch for none gas powered boats (you need to have your motor out of water if you have an outboard in your boat) at stone creek. There are a lot of places to hunt but it is a swamp and the river or toboosfkee creek can flood making it harder to get to walk to places. If you have any specific questions PM me I will help all I can to make sure y’all stay safe in the swamp.
I've hunted the last several years. Didn't get drawn this year unfortunately. So if anyone needs spots for 8th and 9th ;)


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I might can point you to a place or area. Like someone said above... be prepared to walk. Going in beforehand is best so you'll know what to expect. Flooding can change that swamp instantly. I hunted that land before it was a refuge. PM or email.