Bottom of the 9th, 2 outs, the count is 0-2, tieing run is at the plate. 1/13 pm

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Well, here it goes. If I kill 1 it will make pulling the grinder out worth it. If not, I will be back on 9/14(my daughters 2nd birthday) to try again!


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Old lever gun, solo filming and an old camo painted up outhouse!!

Been a great year, passed a few bucks I probably shouldn’t have while sharing the woods with my brother, new friends and old ones.

Blessed to say the least, so I’m riding this last evening out however it goes.

Good luck and be safe!


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Wished I had 4 more!!

Weather and kid friendly.
Finishing up the year in hart county public land over a food plot with the crossbow. Hardwoods and creek behind me. Hopefully Something hungry struts out. Tick tock....tick tock


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Finishing up in Jackson County looking for a fat ol so far but it’s about deer thirty