Box Blind Build

Excellent build well done ! Elffii post these pics in the box stand build sticky . Be good to have them there for others to view. Are you gonna paint the drop down doors green also ?
Well done! Looks like you could spend the night in there! Should pay off come fall.

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I hope you made them walls snore-proof! :bounce:

Looks good, man! :cool:


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You musta hid the Heat/AC unit well. I dont see it anywhere:huh:

SWEET! That is a Lot of work no doubt.....But I bet that thing will be there long after you and I are GON! Good Job Brother. Love to see things done right the first time:clap:
Nice work! Did you put anything on the floor to help quiet it down? I'm just about ready to get mine to the woods and was thinking of putting a soft rubber mat down on the floor and maybe a piece of carpet on top of that.
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Are you gonna paint the drop down doors green also ?
I'm thinking about it. :D

How high off the ground is the floor?
10' 6" - 12' 4x4's 18" in the ground.

Very nice. Can you send me one of those here on my lease here in Texas!

Great work.
Sure, for a price. Shipping and erection costs are extra. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

pics out the shooting window?
To come once it's finished. We still need to trim a few limbs.

Dang Elfiii that thing looks great!!
Thanks David. We are starting now in anticipation of getting too old to climb in a few years, plus I keep hoping for grand kids for paw paw to take hunting and get them started right. This one makes #2. 2 more to go and we'll have the usual spots covered.
You Just reverse the way yours are instead of going out and down they go out and up . Rip 2x4 's in half open the window to the desired position mark your angles cut them one screw through 2x2 in top and one through bottom of the window frame. When season is over unscrew bottom one and re screw into frame to close it off for season don't have to take the pieces off they stay screwed in the top and will fold inward and upward. It allows you to use that to block off sunlight and rain adds more shading on the Inside of the box .