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I have a spot that I would really like to bow hunt but there are not any trees big enough for a stand. Thinking about building a box stand and putting it on the food plot that I have there now. Looking for some ideas and pics. Just wanna be able to mainly bowhunt out of if.
Are you talking about an elevated box stand? If so, over in the deer hunting forum is a recent thread with lots of pics.

Here's the thread:

Personally I think I'd go with a natural ground blind. I've never hunted out of a pop-up blind but that might work too (once they got used to it being there).
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I appreciate it but looking for some ideas on a box to bowhunt out of. I have got several rifle stands already.


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I built a couple out of cattle panels and black polyethylene. Fairly cheap, Light, and dry!! I can send you some pics if you want.
You'll fare better to build a ground blind out of natural materials. Electric wire, zip ties and a brush frame. Tightened up and fill in the gaps with dog funnels. Built in the shade with a good backdrop works best.

Anything man made/ unnatural placed at bow ranges is going to put the older age class deer of either sex on red alert until they get used to it. Sometimes it puts deer off their previous pattern altogether.

this x2!!
I have built two box blinds on elevated platforms for a friend of mine in South Carolina and they work awesome! He has a food plot that gets tons of traffick but the wind swirls so bad that it becomes impossible to hunt without getting busted. I killed a 3 1/2 yr old 8pt last week out of it. He shot one last year just a couple weeks after we put it in. It has observation windows and three vertical shooting windows that open silently. It's probably not completely scent free but it's close.
Elevated portion is made out of 3/4" EMT electrical conduit with a piece of 3/4" plywood for a platform. The blind itself is made of 3/8 plywood with a corrugated galvanized tin roof. Total cost of materials is about $450.


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I have a primos ground blind and after setting it up and putting foliage around it, I have had deer come up to a few yards from it. Trick is setting it back among the trees a bit.

I use a crossbow and it works great out of it.