Braves 2019 Spring Training

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Sounds like he just needs a manicure. Honestly, I'd have to make up something rather than tell people I cut myself because I can't clip my own nails...


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Swanson is recovering from surgery, some soreness is to be expected and he'll be fine. Donaldson isn't really having any lingering injury issues per se. He is more of an expensive investment that they're being cautious with. He's been in the league a long time. ST is more of a formality for him than anything else.

And like I said in another post, Minter is the only one I'd be real concerned with on the pitching side...
Your're right of course...every one of them has a plausible explanation for why we should not be concerned.

But when I hear of an abundance of problems, I know from experience that some of these explainable issues become fires...shoulder soreness, slow recovery from surgery, a twinge here or there.

I guess I'm just a pessimist at heart....
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Not a bad Sunday win with 5 HR's for the Braves.

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Including two from Duval. I think that might be the first time he's made contact with a baseball since he put on a Braves uni...
Yep, unfortunately he's done almost nothing since arriving to the Braves at the end of last July for the last third of the season so he's conditioned us to expect him to do more of the same. I spent time reviewing his game stats history. Looks like he definitely was on his way out until his yesterday's 2 HR performance, but the Braves need him to return to his 2016 & 2017 performance levels for him to stay. Snitker was hoping Duval would build on yesterday's game but today he only grounded out & walked so far.


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If they cut him by March 16 (IIRC) they only owe him somewhere in the neighborhood of $385k. He's going to have to really step it up to have a chance at making that cut. And even then, I believe up until around April 1 they can still cut him and pay him only $750k (again, somewhere in that neighborhood). Lot of cash for what amounts to an audition, but no way he makes the Opening Day roster at $2.85 mil unless every outfielder on the ML and AAA roster breaks a leg.

On a side note, it appears Julio is already in mid-season form... :rolleyes:
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Yep, saw some of that in the latest Braves website Duvall news item.

Not too concerned about ST player performance levels 'til end of March just before the season opener. Some need time to get back to their baseball form since last season.

Nice having Acuna just hit a HR for Braves 1st score today.

Today is 2nd game to go with Saturday's game that Braves have double-digit hits while trying to ramp up run production while also showing some late game rallies for scoring.

Hope Braves can get lucky & salvage some helpful, productive players' careers while becoming the dumping grounds for players on their way out.

6th inning - Acuña Jr. homered to center.

Duvall looking to rebound after hitting .132

As Duvall entered Sunday hitless in his first 10 at-bats of this spring, there was at least reason to wonder if the Braves would keep him beyond Tuesday, which stands as the last day a team can release a player on a non-guaranteed contract and owe just 30 days’ termination pay. Any of these players released after Tuesday and before Opening Day would receive 45 days’ termination pay.
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Oh I agree. I put very little stock in early ST numbers, but at the same time, I have very little faith left in Julio at this point too. We shall see.
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Yep, Teheran tends to attract lots of negative attention in recent seasons with his slow starts and up & down roller coaster performances. Seems like every time I get down on him, he smacks me up side the head with an unexpected surprising good performance of pitching and/or hitting.

Lots of Braves ST new names that I'm not familiar with already producing HR's these past 2-weeks like Kazmar (home Valdosta, GA) just did with a 2-run HR in the 8th to make us only 1-run behind. Braves now have 13-hits today in the bottom of the 9th.

8th - Kazmar Jr. homered to left, Marte scored.


Acuna homers, Teheran's velocity up

Swanson cleared for game action;
Donaldson on track for Wednesday

23 minutes ago

After completing a series of drills Monday, Dansby Swanson was cleared to make his spring debut on Tuesday afternoon against the Yankees in Tampa.
Josh Donaldson will run the bases, complete sliding drills and simulate other game activities on Tuesday at the Braves' complex and then likely make his debut Wednesday in a home game against the Tigers. Donaldson has been healthy since reporting to camp, but the Braves have been cautious with the former American League MVP, who was sidelined by a calf injury the past two seasons.
Kyle Wright will get the start when the Braves travel to Tampa to face the Yankees on Tuesday at 1:05 p.m. ET. The game will be broadcast on MLB.TV and Fox Sports Southeast.

*** Reminder: 1st TV Game on FSSE Tuesday, March 5th

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Encouraging bright future for Braves in Top 3 minors farm systems.


MLB’s Top 10 farm systems

Braves' arms get most of the attention -- understandably, as 10 of the team's top 15 prospects are pitchers -- and many of them will help Atlanta compete again in 2019. But don’t forget that there are some exciting bats as well, with four in the top 10 who have the chance to be impact players.



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Ok bro I will spell it out for you, Marlins and all Fla based big league baseball is a big unsupported joke!
Not discounting that but still say Braves are most overrated team....back in their heyday you had Smoltz, Glavine, Maddux and could only bring it home one time.

Lots of team pay for a one and done season...problem is Braves ownership spend more for real estate investments than they do for a winning roster. Team is a tax write off for the owners.
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In case your're interested & have not heard, here's an update on Josh Donaldson . . .

5:35 PM EST

Rain prevented Josh Donaldson from simulating game activities at the Braves' complex on Tuesday. The 2015 American League MVP Award winner will complete these exercises Wednesday, enjoy the team's scheduled off-day Thursday and then make his spring debut on Friday night against the Phillies.
The Braves are being cautious with Donaldson, who battled Spring Training ailments before, with a calf injury the past two seasons. The third baseman still has enough time to compile approximately 40 plate appearances while getting regular days off over the remainder of the exhibition season.

EDIT UPDATE below . . .

Time = 1:33

Donaldson: 'I’m feeling very confident right now'

Veteran third baseman ready to make spring debut Friday night

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Today's dinner time game against the Phillies is 1st ST game for Donaldson & Gausman as expected along with Swanson in the lineup for his 2nd ST game.

EDIT UPDATE below . . .

web link below for larger image about new annc't:

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I keep checking every night for st games on tv but haven’t caught one yet
Seems like that's a very common problem to fine the Braves TV & radio broadcast schedule for Spring Training which my father complains about regularly.

Braves website schedule defaults into Calendar mode with a grid of squares for days which unfortunately does not show game broadcast details, but clicking on the top center icon with 4 short horizontal lines put it into List mode where there is a line for each day of the month & a column showing the TV & Radio broadcast details as seen at the web link below.

Next TV game broadcasts for March 2019 are:

Mar 13
Wed - MLBN

Mar 17
Sun - FSSO

Mar 22
Fri - FSSO

Mar 23
Sat - FSSE

Mar 25
Mon - FSSO

Mar 26
AT SUNTRUST PARK - MLBN (out-of-market only), FSSO

Mar 30
Sat - FS1

Mar 31
Sun - ESPN