Braves 2019 Spring Training

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After 2-weeks, interesting how some surprises are happening this spring training. Lesser known names are getting hits or homeruns or RBI's, but lots of that is happening later in the games by substitutes coming in maybe against lesser competition. Of course, some have more "At Bats" in more games than others.


Check out past 2 games Braves HR's below . . .

Box Score

March 9, 2019

7th - Pache homered to left, Blanco scored.

7th - Ramos homered to left center.

8th - Kazmar Jr. homered to left.

Box Score

March 8, 2019

5th - Pache homered to left, Duvall scored.

7th - Didder homered to left.[object+Object]&tab_level=child&click_text=Sortable+Player+hitting&game_type='S'&season=2019&season_type=ANY&league_code='MLB'&sectionType=sp&statType=hitting&page=1&ts=1552213696228&team_id=144&playerType=ALL&sortColumn=h&sortOrder='desc'&extended=0

Braves 2019 ST Statistics (Ordered or Prioritized by Hits)

Top 5 Rankings of Players in Categories:

Hits: ---> Pache - 8, Camargo - 7, Riley - 7, Blanco - 6, Florimon - 6, A. Jackson - 6, Kazmar - 6, McCann - 5, (7 more with 4)

HR's: ---> Duvall - 2, Florimon - 2, Freeman - 2, A. Jackson - 2, Kazmar - 2, Pache - 2, (9 more with 1)

RBI's: ---> Pache - 7, Blanco - 6, Freeman - 6, A. Jackson - 4, Schwartz - 4, (5 more with 3)

BB's: ---> Duvall - 5, Acuna - 3, Freeman - 3, LaMarre - 3, Riley - 3, (8 more with 2)

SO's: ---> Acuna - 9, Jennista - 9, Culberson - 7, Florimon - 7, Riley - 5, (9 more with 4)

AB's: ---> Riley - 25, Camargo - 24, Inciarte - 21, Duvall - 20, Acuna - 20, Culberson - 20, Florimon - 20, Albies - 19, Pache - 19, (2 more with 18)

Games: ---> Marte - 11, Pache - 11, Camargo - 10, Duvall - 10, Riley - 10, (7 more with 9)


EDIT UPDATE below . . .

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I wouldn't call Pache a "lesser" name. The Braves want to believe he needs another year in the minors ($$). But I believe he forces their hand and arrives sometime this year. He will make an impact very similar to Acuna.


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I wouldn't be so concerned during ST. But unfortunately the rise in home run stats also brings a lot of swings and misses. Hitters that strike out less than 100 times a season are becoming scarce. Some of your more notable power hitters strike out 150-200 times in a season nowadays. Phillies just paid a guy $330 mil who AVERAGES 130 K's a season and struck out 170 times last season...
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Yes, obviously, Pache getting known by Braves baseball fans with all the news articles being written on him last year & this year along with impressive batting performances this Spring Training. There is several batting surprises showing good future potential so far in ST, including Florimon, Kazmar, A. Jackson, & Blanco.

Yep, popular homerun hitters like Acuna typically tend to strike out more than avg. hitters which comes with the territory & their aggressive nature that can be a challenging balance for them between HR's, hits, BB's, & SO's. I'm not too concerned about ST performances, but carrying negatives into the regular season for extended periods definitely gets concerning.

Nice start in the 1st inning for the Braves as Donaldson gets his 1st hit & RBI while Acuna blasts his 2nd HR of ST.

Braves - Bottom 1st

Inciarte doubled to deep right.

Donaldson singled to center, Inciarte scored.

Acuña Jr. homered to center, Donaldson scored.

Time = 4:09
Alex Anthopoulos updates us on Braves injuries and Folty’s status 3-11-19

Time = 3:26
Braves prospect Cristian Pache on big-league camp, learning from veterans
Fox Sports South

17 minutes ago

Published on March 11, 2019

Braves weighing options amid Folty's injury

“He’s feeling great and throwing,” Braves general manager Alex Anthopoulos said. “We were just mapping out his throwing program this morning in terms of bullpens and live bullpens and all those types of things. We’re just trying to figure out when do we get him up to five innings.”
“He’s not that far removed from throwing, but we still want to be careful about how we build him up,” Anthopoulos said. “If he was coming back as a reliever, he could be ready to go for the first series. But right now, the way it’s trending, it’s going to take a little bit of time in the season to get him stretched out to start.”
With Foltynewicz unavailable, Julio Teheran may end up joining Warren Spahn as the only pitchers in Braves history to make six consecutive Opening Day starts. Kevin Gausman and left-hander Sean Newcomb are also candidates to start the March 28 season opener in Philadelphia.
“I know it’s a big deal who gets the Opening Day start,” Anthopoulos said. “We’re just going to line things up with what makes the most sense and gives us the best chance to win.”
As Foltynewicz misses what may amount to two or three regular-season starts, the Braves can fill his void with Touki Toussaint, Max Fried or Kyle Wright

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In case you did not see these & may be interested, here's some encouraging positive messages about the coming season.

Time = 3:07
2019 Braves Spring Training All-Access: Brian Snitker
Fox Sports South

7 hours ago

Published on March 11, 2019

Time = 4:53
2019 Braves Spring Training All-Access: GM Alex Anthopoulos
Fox Sports South

7 hours ago

Published on March 11, 2019

EDIT UPDATE below . . .

March 12, 2019 Game Update below . . .

2nd inning - Flowers homered to left, Acuña Jr. scored.

4th inning - Acuña Jr. homered to left.
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Reckon Acuna's batting is ready for the season to start.


Acuna starting to see spring results

March 12, 2019

witnessed Acuna tally a hit in each of his three plate appearances in a 5-0 win over the Cardinals
The 21-year-old Braves outfielder has gone 5-for-5 with two homers and a double over the past two days.

Right now, red-hot Acuna is an impossible out

March 13, 2019

He hit for the cycle in four consecutive at-bats stretched over two games, with a double and triple in his first two trips to the plate on Wednesday, coupled with a homer and single in his last two plate appearances on Tuesday.
In his final trip to the plate on Wednesday, he singled to complete a 3-for-3 day. He has now hit safely in eight consecutive at-bats and reached base nine straight times. He upped his Grapefruit League batting average to .429.
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You're doing fine work BTHF . I appreciate it If Donaldson can get on an all Star pace the Braves are going to be a handful
Yes, Sir. We're hoping the Braves can get their money's worth from Donaldson who is getting paid this season the same as Freddie so we're all expecting all-star performances from him, if he can stay healthy & hopefully avoid fragile injury seasons like the past 2 seasons. Friday's game was the 1st one to let him increase his regular 2-AB's to 3-AB's before being pulled from the game.


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Donaldson and his offense will be a major plus this season, but if he goes down for any length of time, Camargo is certainly more than capable of holding serve at the hot corner. I think getting better consistency at the plate from Albies and improved production at the plate from Dansby will have the most impact to the Braves offense.
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So far in today's game thru 6.5-innings, Albies has 2-hits, Camargo gets an RBI for only Braves late score, Swanson still struggling with slow start in ST, & Red Sox striking out lots with 11-K's. Pache just entered the game in the 7th so hope he can help with some needed scoring.



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Just read that Folty likely won't be ready until the end of April. Looks like Julio starts opening day. And once again, Kyle Wright looked fantastic. I'm really liking that kid.
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Yep, late April for Folty probably at the earliest.

Yep, Wright's making some strong consistent showings that lots are talking about.

Braves mgmt. trying to take it slow & careful with their top potential players.

Mike Foltynewicz would have been the Braves’ Opening Day starter, but he has not been cleared to throw off a mound since he experienced right elbow soreness following his Feb. 24 spring debut. Foltynewicz has not experienced any discomfort while playing catch over the past week. But he’ll need to complete at least one side session and throw live batting practice before being cleared to make what would likely be four preparatory starts.
Given Foltynewicz is not expected to make a start before the Braves leave Florida on March 24, there is a chance he will not join Atlanta’s rotation until the latter half of April.
“He’s throwing and he feels good,” Snitker said. “But he’s missed so much time, we’ve got to build him back. It’s going to take time. You’ve got to go through the paces to get back. We’ve just got to be patient.”


it doesn’t seem wise to determine the Braves rotation is doomed. Kyle Wright, Touki Toussaint, Bryse Wilson and Max Fried are capable of combining to compensate for the unexpected value Sanchez created last year.
Wright, the rising star who has yet to make a Major League start, appears to be the most likely prospect to fill Foltynewicz’s rotation void. The 23-year-old right-hander made another strong impression as he struck out five and allowed two runs over four innings in Saturday’s 6-1 loss to the Red Sox.
Gausman has surrendered six runs while retiring just six of the 14 batters faced over two starts. You’re not going to give Wright the start, and Sean Newcomb has only enhanced concerns about his erratic command as he’s surrendered 12 hits, issued 10 walks and struck out just seven over 12 innings this spring. The only option was Teheran, who has at least created some hope he might provide more consistent value this year.

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Looks like split squad action today with 2 games of which 1 will be broadcast on Fox Sports South TV, including last year's starters who are starting in both games.


EDIT UPDATE below . . .



Snitker was pleased to see Foltynewicz complete a pain-free side session after being cleared to resume throwing off a mound Sunday morning
Snitker went to the back fields to watch Soroka throw batting practice for the first time since being shut down during Spring Training’s first week
both will remain on the injured list until the latter half of April
Foltynewicz’s absence will create early-season opportunities for Kyle Wright, Touki Toussaint, Bryse Wilson and Max Fried
Snitker conceded A.J. Minter and Darren O’Day will likely begin the season on the injured list
Dan Winkler has worked three scoreless innings since being slowed by a sore right elbow
Dansby Swanson notched a pair of singles and produced a long opposite-field flyout during the loss to the Astros
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This evening, Markakis gets 2-hits which includes his 1st HR of ST.

Vizcaíno pitches 1-inning to go 3 up & 3 down with 2-K's, but also hit a single & collected 2-RBI's.

Lots of striking out going on. Acuna strikes out 2 times today & 3 times yesterday.

Yankees pitching gets 15-strike-outs.

Braves pitching gets 12-strike-outs.

4th inning - Markakis homered to right.

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Braves lead & gave up no runs 'til the 9th when Leyva get's 3-K's while giving up 3-runs, 2-hits, & 1-BB to lose the game which includes a HR by Nats timely hitting who did not need Bryce Harper to win.

Riley gets 2-hits which includes a HR.

Fried starts & collects 7-K's in 5-innings.

(ex-Braves or Nationals pitcher Anibal Sanchez went 5-IP, 5-H, 2-ER, 1-BB, 3-K, 1-HR)

Newcomb starts tomorrow against Toronto.

5th inning - Riley homered to right center.


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I like the fact that the pitchers that look to make up the majority of the ML staff are pitching very well. Julio is looking pretty good and Fried, Wilson, Wright and Toussaint have all looked fantastic. Newcomb has looked shaky, but I believe (hope) that is more a product of him working on a second breaking pitch (slider I believe) and his change-up. His fastball and overhand curve have been pretty devastating. Hopefully Folty comes back strong and Gausman gets straightened out. Sooner rather than later. Gausman has looked BAD.