Bream Fly Swap Pics

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Here are pics for the Bream Fly Swap. All positive remarks/replies are welcome.
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Here is Gunnurse's submissions. Cannot wait to try these out!!!!!!!

Mull 1.JPG Mull 2.JPG
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I am gonna host a streamer swap someday and maybe you will join and tie some Pink Harlots!
I just did an image search for that, and there weren't any bream flies! :hair:


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There very little chance of finding PinkHarlots on the Internet ;) They are a concoction of mine from the 90's. I originally came up with them as a crappie fly back when I was at UGA and had lots of warm water access.
As luck would have it I went up to the Nantahala DH, and the fishing was on fire , so I was playing the " well let's see what else they will hit" game. There was a PinkHarlot on my drying patch so I tied on my favorite " crappie fly" and viola it quickly became my go to DH trout fly.
My friend that I was fishing with that day was apauled that I would " throw that trashy flashy fly with a fine 80 plus year bamboo rod " , so with his flashy/ trashy statement fresh in mind I decided to name it along those lines.
His description brought to mind ladies from the red light district :eek:, but Pink Prostitute didn't sound right . Plus just try saying that 3 times really fast?? The British description of said ladies had a better ring to it, so .....the PinkHarlot was born.

David I will tie up about in anticipation of this up coming swap. To be honest I have been working on another streamer pattern that I call a CropDuster. I does great on DH trout , but I thought maybe if I sent some out in a swap maybe the guys in the swap could try it and tell me if it would work for bass. I don't have much fly fishing warm water access since moving to the Sherbeteer state.:ROFLMAO:
Tell what you think?"....... Tentwing


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Got Biggin13's submissions today. If these don't catch some bream, nuthin will!!!!

Big 1.JPG Big 2.JPG