Bream Fly Swap sign up thread

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Gonna go ahead and get this started.

Bream Fly Swap Rules and sign up:

You may tie any fly or popper that is designed for bream.

Sign up deadline is June 15th and deadline to have the submissions to me is July 20th.

When you are finished tying, PM me for my address.

Each participant will tie one fly for each other participant,IE if there are 10 participants you would tie 9 flies.

Each participant will mail their submissions to me in a sturdy container so that flies won't be crushed. Altoid tins or similar container are perfect for this.

IMPORTANT!!! All submissions will be mailed in an appropriate mailer and the contents will include a pre-addressed, postage paid mailer for your flies to be mailed back to you. I should not have to buy a mailer and pay postage for you!!! It never fails that someone decides to not follow these instructions. If I have to provide you with mailer or postage, you will get only your flies mailed back and I will tie your replacement for the other participants. My experience is that $3.75 is the minimum required.

Any participant needing to drop out after sign up deadline will contact me by PM and I will tie a replacement set for you.

I will post a picture of each submission, in a pic thread, as I receive them.

I will add (received) by each name in the participants list as they come to me.

Once I receive all the flies I will sort and get them back as soon as possible.

So here it is. Any tyer is welcome to join no matter what skill level you are at. Swaps are great for practice and seeing what other folks tie. It is great fun. Sign up is open. Ask questions if you have any.


Paymaster.... Little Yellow Spider ( Received )
NCHillbilly ( Received )
Tomboy Boots ( Received )
Biggin13 ( Received )
Golden BB ( Received )
Nicodemus.... Butter Bean Spider ( Received )
gunnurse ( Received )
gobbleinwoods ( Received )
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I'm in. Not sure about the pattern yet.
I'm in! I have no idea what I'm going to tie but I'll come up with something. I'm looking forward to it!


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Count me in. I`m a rank beginner and my stuff ain`t much good yet, but I`ll be tying some green foam spiders. Hopefully they will look like those you see on butterbean bushes.
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Ooops! I forgot to mention to toe tag each fly. Toe tags are little slips of paper with user name and fly pattern name written on them. These slips of paper are attached to the fly by running the point thru them. This helps the recipient to id the pattern and tyer.

Unless Pay extends the date today is the day.