Broadhead tuning helpppp

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Ive tried 3 different types of broadheads,
Slick trick vipers, nap thunderheads, and muzzy trocar. My groups are tight maybe an inch if not less @ 20yrds they all shoot left 5 inches and my field points i shoot only one and remove otherwise im putting arrows inside arrows. I adjust my rest and shoot my broadheads their dead on but then my field points are off by 5 inches i shoot an elite synergy 60# with 30inch draw and arrows are easton fmj 400spine cut to 29in, advice please
You need to set the rest to 13/16-7/8" centershot. Then you can move the cable guard to give you the least clearance possible. That said, if your broadheads are 5" off at 20 yards, then you're more than likely going to have to shim the cams to the right. If that kind of tuning is over your head, seek help from a competent bow shop.


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Broad heads don't make a difference. Once tuned, they should all shoot the same as field points. Center shot is off. Rest needs to be shifted, then sights adjusted. If more major work on cables or cams, take it a pro for proper tuning. Try the walk back method of tuning.


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Just shot a 340 spine arrow and its night and day brings me 4inches back to the right.
This. I see you figured it out. A weak spine will rear its ugly head when a broadhead is on the front.
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