Brook trout today

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Son and I went fishing today. Brook are starting to get their color. We caught around 25 in just a couple hours. The biggest one was around 11" which is the one my son caught and is holding up in the picture. Some where caught on dry and the rest on inch worm pattern. My son got a double out of one hole. The small one fell off the dry before I could take a picture.


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Good stuff! And an 11" speck is a monster!
That's a trophy right there. I might consider having a fiberglass replica of that one. Beautiful fish there!


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Beautiful! sounds like fun
That stream looks like a trickle in the background. It's amazing to me that there are fish like that in such small water! Beautiful fish!!
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Thanks everyome, this is my son's favorite stream and one of mine as well. First time I ever went to this stream I felt it was to small to be much but once you start working up the stream it has a lot of nice holes due to the rapid increase in elevation that occurs on it. Some small pocket water between the plunge pools as well. The really great thing is how open it is for casting.