Buck Muscle

The fellas that own it seem to be a bunch of good ole boys! I would love to see some year to year pictures of growth and antler production over a series of years, and not just a summers worth of feeding....which doesn't show much.
So I just started feeding the buck muscle. I have delt with the guys for a while now buying corn and minerals and asking many ? About buck muscle. They know deer and deer hunting. They consistently kill big deer every year. I can contact them by phone and he always is fast to respond. He also delivers to my lease for a pretty good deal. And if you don't have troughs and don't wanna build them or don't have time he can build some awesome troughs and deliver those as well. I don't figure he would be driving across the state to deliver but if your around the area of pine mt it's 100 percent worth every dollar to give this stuff a try. I have talked to several people who will swear it's the best thing they have ever done. If you haven't tried it yet your neighbor is and he is probably drawing your deer away. Actual happened to me I had a great buck all year long two years ago he disappeared and I talked to the club 3 miles down the rd and they had him on there buck muscle feed. That's when I made the decision to start .


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Buck Muscle is a top quality product and the deer love it. The Strickland's know their stuff. Highly recommended. I've personally seen the results. The deer with the 18 scoreable points is in the back of my truck.

Mark K

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Couldn’t get the rep down to South Ga so our local feed store had a rep with Antler Xtreme come by and sell his product.
Really liked the Buck Muscle, but they are tearing up the Antler Xtreme just as good.