Buckeyes shooting this Saturday the 26th

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Sign in is 9-2....will be moving targets on Friday, if you think you can turn loose and help move them, you can shoot for free Saturday. Send me a pm...
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Couple of volunteers so far...thanks guys, anyone else? You can shoot for free on Saturday..will be there at 9am Friday to set the range...
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All targets set, lanes cut, 6 hard hours of clearing and setting. Huge thanks to Gretchen and Ronnie, your help was just what the doctor ordered! Grandma has a good eye when setting a course, she's tough!!! Signs are at the gate, come in the first entrance, coming out of social circle. Follow the road on back until you find us. Long, short, open, tight, we got it. There will be some burgers and cold dranks when u are done. Sign in from 9-2....

Come on out!


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Anybody want to get a group together around 11:00 or so ?


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wow good thing we not shooting today or ill be in the seniors class with geeze. alligood will the 14's be in play,, see yall around 11


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I'm up but I'm not awake. On the way !
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Y'all are missing out on a good course. Best set we've had yet, weather is hot but not too humid, delicious hamburgers off the grill.


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It was a tricky course. There were a few of them that almost got me. Especially that yote in the shade.
Took some figuring but I got him though. I was lucky I only shot two 8's.
Thanks for the ride "and the money too !" :bounce: