Buckmasters G2SL Bow?

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I was looking at this bow at Bass Pro Shops and was wondering if anyone knew anything about it. Seems like it would be a good hunting bow since its so short and light.
Thanks for any advice.


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I know alot of guys that have them and like them, and a ton of guys that like the short bows. I am thinking about retiring my short Razortec this year, but it is a hard decision to make, it just kills deer. After I get my new target bow in I will probably re-fit my Ultratec and make it a hunting bow as I prefer longer bows even for hunting.

I don't see the buckmaster listed on their site any longer, so I am not sure of the specs of the bow, or the price.


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In between Chemo treatments this past season, I could not draw my old Buckmaster set at 63 # so I went to BP in Savannah and purchased a G2 in 50-60 # and had it set at 51#.

I like the short 31" A-A as I hunt from a Summit with the bar. My old Buckmaster was 40" A-A and I had problems with bar clearance. I finally had a doe at six yards but could not draw the 51# because the chemo had weakened me. I could do one hundred pushups in June but could not draw my 51# bow in November.

The past two weeks I have been able to draw my bow and shoot a few arrows each day. I am begining to draw without aiming at the sky. I am on out to twenty yards which is my limit.

I am looking forward to bow season and believe the G2 will serve me well.


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I had a G2, they're good bows, but a little intolerant of bad form and you can't creep with it. They shoot best from a solid back wall. Quality wise I never had a complaint and they are quiet and fast. You could do a lot worse.