Bucks disappearing

I had pics of one of them which is a 10pt at 10:41am was the last pics I got of him. he was always out in shooting light in my pics as well as the other one was also right around shooting light. Its mostly pine trees where I have been hunting and over a corn pile so I guess they are transitioning to other food sources (acorns) or just separating. Kinda don't know what plan of action to go to now though (n)
Move to the acorns they are feeding on right now or wait a week or two when they come back to the corn.

Mark K

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Got a feeder in a bottom near acorns. Sat this weekend and watched 7 different deer come and go, 4 were bucks. All but one of the bucks bypassed the feeder entirely and spent their time under the acorn trees. Only one little spike went to the feeder first before hitting the acorns...and that could have been because there was an “older” buck already on the acorns at the time. And yes, this has just happened within the last week or two.
I'm bowhunting a small track and had his buck in all the time and he disappeared for a month ,now starting to get his pic bout once a week ,hoping he comes back when it's cold and he's hungry I bought a cellular trail cam to keep up with him