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What's everybody shooting buckshot and choke combo in an 1187? Has anybody got any real world results with the 3" Winchester High Velocity OO rounds?


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I tested my Benelli and 870 with Win and Fed buckshot.
Got great results with Federal FliteControl 00 3" shells in Remington [RemChoke] with IC extended choke at 50 yards.

Not as good with Benelli; the Win worked OK with my tight restriction Comp N Choke.

I think the bbl bore dia has a heavy influence; Rem and Benelli 12 ga bores are not the same.

Your 11-87 should be same as the 870; try the Federal FliteControl with IC or LM chokes.


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My 870 with a 28 inch barrel like #1 buckshot out of a modified choke the best.
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I shoot #1 with a full choke in my 870. It's getting harder to find the Winchester copper plated and I was thinking of going to 00. I picked up the 1187 because it was left-hand. First time in 50 years that I have the proper firearm. Dadgum if it aint gonna take a little getting use to!
Just a question but

Why not get a slug barrel? Wouldn't it be alot more accurate at greater distances?


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jmoser, who made the extended IC choke that you are using?
Rem chokes were Trulock [best results IC / LM]

I have come to prefer Trulock as my go-to but own plenty Brileys as well.

Have patternmasters and Comp-n-chokes from years back.

The Comp n choke for Benelli is a ported turkey .668" I believe. BTW mine is a gen 1 Mobilchoke gun.
Bushwacker, try shooting with 2 eyes open - its much easier and more accurate. Just forpractice mount the unloaded shotgun toyour shoulder and line up the sights on an object. Then keep it lined up and open the other eye. The object should be just to the side of the end of the barrel. When you are hunting just lead your target as you would in trap or skeet shooting. There you go - DRT(dead right there).
I'm sure if he just wanted the most range, He'd just shoot a rifle. I'm sure there are some dog clubs or maybe dog hunting states where you have to shoot a shotgun where a slug would give more range in a shotgun. Most places leave the choice of shotgun or rifle up to the hunter. To me, a smoothbore shotgun with a slug is just a fairly inaccurate rifle without sights. I wouldn't use that combo unless I was forced to.

Where I hunt, shots are rarely over 50 yards. The deer is usually moving quickly (if the hounds are doing their job well). And shots can sometimes be through at least a little brush.

I tried a open sighted rifle for a few years. If I hadn't I'd have a few more racks on the wall. For me, a shotgun that throws a good pattern out to 60 yards is hard to beat.