Buckshot results

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Finally got to try my Benelli M2 with Federal Flite Control 00 buck - paced off 25 yards and shot standing unsupported with my fixed cylinder bore 18.5" bbl.

This is a 2 3/4 inch 9 PELLET load, I got 7 holes in a 4 1/4" pattern dead center [I called my offhand shot just left which is where the pattern was centered, iron sight bbl.] The other 2 holes were at 5:30 and 6:30 on the bullseye target about 5" low.

I have shot the 3" version of this load at 50 yards out of my 870 with IC/LM chokes and got kill hits on a 10" target center.

Interesting I did not get as good results out of my Mobil choked SBE, that did better with 3.5" Winchester and a turkey Comp-N-choke. [I suspect the pattern was low but didn't have a big enough paper to tell for certain.]

But if you have not tried the Flite Control buckshot ammo give it a look - amazing pattern performance without any special $$$ choke tubes.