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So, I've been researching the Buckshot Bigshot stand. I have heard that Buckshots ordering process on their website isn't the best. Does anybody have any experience ordering from them?


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Never ordered but I have one of the older buckshot stands and like it , not as comfortable as my gunslinger but it’s a good safe climber


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I had one of the original BuckShot BigShot stands. Hands down, IMHO it was the most comfortable and versatile stand I ever owned even though it was a little on the heavy side. Let a friend talk me out of it.
Several years ago I decided to buy another one. Came to find out they had gone out of business but a former employee got the rights to start making them again, IIRC. Long story short, took forever to finally get the stand. Upon opening the box, over 1/2 the parts were missing. Phone calls and e-mails were answered with parts are on the way. After several months I told them I was shipping it back and expected a refund. No answer. After about a week and a half of no answers to phone calls or e-mails, I contacted the BBB in North Carolina who actually helped me to get a refund (who told me this gent had a record of complaints). If this had failed, I was ready to drive to NC for a face-to-face.

EDIT: My apologies. I tried to buy a BigShot from Austin back around '14 or '15, NOT BuckShot. He was making them back then as BuckShot had shut down or something. Check his reviews. Terrible.
Again, my apologies for having it wrong.
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Not sure on the Buckshot because its been so many years since I've seen them relevant. However if you want something that faces the tree and is well built take a look at http://www.austintreestands.com/

We bought Ol May a couple of these several years back and they were great quality. The Ultra Lite Caddy is a good comfy stand


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Those stands have always been a favorite of mine. I am a big fella and feel the safest in these stands. They are a little on the heavy side- but man are the sturdy and comfortable once you are settled in the tree. I own 3 of them. There is a little confusion about who owns what- but austintreestands.com is the same guy that was involved in selling the buckshot years ago and they have them now along with others. I recently ordered one from the website as all the others were bought at shows a long time ago. Sadly- the deal is not going as I hoped- however- I am giving the guy a chance to make it right. He has been very responsive and I have been patient. I will update you on the end result of the transaction- hopefully soon.


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I have three I bought 15 to 20 years ago. Were one of the best investments I ever made. Solid, safe and quiet. The adjustable back rest makes a great shooting rest when facing away from the tree. Have only had to replace a few minor parts over the years.

As for ordering, I’ve no idea how they are today. I believe they were out of production for a bit.

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I do not have any experience ordering from them, but I own 2 original Cadillac climbers, and my father owns 1. All 3 are 30 years old, and still in great condition. I have had to replace the wood on both of mine 2 or 3 times over the years, and need to do so again. Other than that, they're great stands to me. I've taken many deer out of mine, and both of mine are quiet when climbing.

I had to put a strap around the seat last year to keep it from shifting. Both screw holes in the wood have worn out and need to be replaced again.

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By the way, my father bought my brother and my nephew one, too (5 total) at the Sport center in Perry, GA. Dad and I got ours in 1990 after attending the Buckarama. We came back a year or 2 later and got my brother and nephew theirs. Their climbers are still in great shape also. I don't know how well they're made today, though.

I think our climbers can support up to 250 lbs, which I am nowhere near, by the way. :p


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One of the things that sold me on a BigShot was the fact you could easily swap from facing the tree to facing away. (y)
I had one of them contraptions. It was like walking thru the woods with a lawn chair on your back. Forget about being quiet getting to your tree.